Forget about cravings and sugar peaks

“Keto” stands for foods that contain few carbohydrates (starch or sugar) or an enjoyable diet that relies primarily on proteins, fat and fiber. You mainly eat salads, vegetables, herbs, olive oil, mushrooms, nuts, fish, meat,  cheese and eggs. Whenever possible from organic and sustainable production. There are many enjoyable forms of application. Keto is easy! And every now and then “a culinary sin” is allowed. 

Unfortunately, most people today eat too many carbohydrates. Glucose (dextrose) in particular increases blood sugar levels. 70 to 100 milligrams per deciliter of blood is the normal value before a meal. That’s 4 grams in a person’s total blood. 4 grams of glucose corresponds to “one sugar cube”. In fact, a sugar cube consists of half glucose and half fructose.

So a “sugar cube” throughout the blood is normal. If you eat two slices of whole wheat bread (110 grams), that’s 44 grams of starch. This corresponds to 11 sugar cubes. Starch is glucose. Three quarters of this starch goes into the blood very quickly (amylopectin). So 7 of the 11 glucose cubes go into the blood very quickly. A massive sugar spike. In healthy people, this is mediated by insulin from the blood to the body’s cells, into the limited glycogen stores or into the unlimited fat stores.

When there are frequent spikes in blood sugar, the body and brain cells become insulin resistant. Over time, they receive too little energy and insulin becomes mainly a fat storage hormone. A vicious circle begins – the brain needs energy – you eat a lot of carbohydrates again – and slowly but surely you become energy-deprived and overweight. 

To make matters worse, the liver ALWAYS converts the much praised “healthy” fructose into fat – without insulin. If you’re lucky, you’ll notice this fat on your hips; in worse cases, it will be stored directly in the liver. Over a third of Europeans have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The liver can no longer fulfill its tasks. The main reason for this is the fructose drinks.

These are already two vicious circles. They are the cause of chronic inflammation, insulin resistance, narrowing of blood vessels, high blood pressure, immune deficiency, obesity, type II diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s or cancer. Often several illnesses at the same time. 

If, on the other hand, you eat fewer carbohydrates, there are only harmless increases in blood sugar and your liver can – after a short start-up phase – produce very special turbo fats from your white storage fat or from dietary fat: the ketone bodies.

Your body cells, especially your brain cells, love this “super energy”. More specifically, your power plants (mitochondria) in your neurons love it. We are specifically talking about the keto lifestyle and not a diet. There are many possible pleasurable ways for you to enjoy this lifestyle and benefit from it. You can choose the option that suits you best.

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